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November 2020



We are pleased to announce the creation of the Eurasian Regions Study Group (ERSG).

Open to all members of the British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies (BASEES), the Eurasian Regions Study Group will bring together the considerable expertise among BASEES members on regions which fall within BASEES’ geographical scope but might be deemed peripheral or supplementary to the Society’s dominant interest in European Russia. Such regions include, but are not limited to: the Caucasus, Central Asia, the Baltic States and Siberia.

In part, the ERSG has grown from the Digital Humanities project, Peripheral Histories?  While the ERSG will use the Peripheral Histories? platform to publicise its work, the two enterprises remain separate.


Study Group Objectives

The Eurasian Regions Study Group will:

  • Bring together scholars working on Eurasian Regions for discussion and research collaboration, particularly within interdisciplinary or comparative frameworks

  • Publicise new research on Eurasian Regions and encourage public engagement

  • Offer special support to postgraduate and early career researchers studying Eurasian Regions

  • Build foundations for a successful future in this branch of area studies

  • Play our part in advocating for area studies and the humanities as critical components of public life and democratic debate

Look out for future ERSG panels at the annual BASEES conference, and webinars free to access online.



The Eurasian Regions Study Group will publish a newsletter on its activities once every two months. To subscribe to this newsletter, please email



The Eurasian Regions Study Group is convened by Dr Catherine Gibson (University of Tartu), Dr Susan Grunewald (University of Pittsburgh), Dr Siobhán Hearne (University of Durham), Dr Jo Laycock (University of Manchester) and Dr Alun Thomas (Staffordshire University). Postgraduate Representative: Hanna Matt (University of Manchester).

For all enquiries relating to the membership and activities of the ERSG, please contact and Dr Alun Thomas ( in the first instance.

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