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War in Ukraine: Resources for Researchers, Teachers and Students

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine on 24th February resources for researchers and students have been gathered on a number of websites and through social media accounts. Our list here is not intended to be exhaustive, but in an effort to avoid duplication, it signposts to significant collections of sources and information that have already been gathered. We have focused on historical perspectives and on materials which might be useful for teachers and students. The list also reflects our own areas of expertise and interest.


This is a work in progress and if  there is an important resource or collection that we do not list here, please get in touch with us - tweeting us @peripheralhist is the best way, but you can also email us 


Please see also the Peripheral Histories list of digital sources for historians working on our region.

Sources of Support

Science for Ukraine


Resources for Refugees (via @DecolonizingE) 

What can we do to help?  Via @Olga Burlyuk: 

Ways to Help:  UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies

Ukrainian Institute London
Ukraine Information & Resources - University of Texas at Austin 

Société française pour les études russes et est-européennes en sciences sociales

Academic Solidarity



The Royal Historical Society

Statements from other institutions and organisations have been collated in a twitter thread by @MNeumannUEA 

ASEEES calendar of events

Cultural Heritage Rescue

Volunteer to Help Save Ukrainian Heritage Online (SUCHO)

Oral History project “The Day We Survived” by the Center for Urban History 

Smithsonian: Safeguarding the Cultural and Historical Heritage of Ukraine

Helpful Twitter Accounts/Threads for Historians




@JohnVsetecka thread





@theodora_dragos collaborative thread

@BlackerUilleam thread on Ukrainian war literature



@DrO_aorzoff thread

Teaching Resources

Russian invasion of Ukraine teach-out, Michigan online

Discover Ukraine, online lecture series organised by the BASEES Study Group for Minority History

Early modern resources, Connecting Central European Worlds project

Resource Guides 

Ukraine Research guide, Alla Roylance, Slavic Bibliographer at NYU Library

History of Science in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe: Digital Resources on Ukraine 

Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute Resource Guide

CEU Press provides free access to ten of its titles on Ukraine

H-Ukraine Resources Guide

Dr Jazmine Contreras, List of Online Articles on Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine 

Historical Perspectives

Christoph Mick, How Moscow has long used the historic Kyivan Rus state to justify expansionism

Olena Palko, Did Lenin and Stalin Create Ukraine 

Katya Cengel, The 20th-Century History Behind Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Faith Hillis, Serhii Plokhy, Margarita Balmaceda, Sergey Radchenko, Does Putin’s view of history explain why he invaded Ukraine?

Daria Badior, Why We Need a Post-Colonial Lens to Look at Ukraine and Russia

Kirsty Ironside, The Ruble has plummeted. It’s not the first time

Christian Raffensperger, Medieval Kherson and Ukraine

Matthew Pauly, Kyiv has faced adversity before, and a stronger Ukrainian Identity Grew in Response

Anika Walke, Old and New Faultlines in the Wake of Russia’s Assault on Ukraine

Uilleam Blacker, What Ukrainian Literature Has Always Understood About Russia

Brendan McGeever, Putin's War and Jewish History


War Crimes 

Francine Hirsch, Putin’s Memory Laws Set the Stage for His War in Ukraine

Francine Hirsch, How the Soviet Union Helped Establish the Crime of Aggressive War (also available in Ukrainian)


Charlotte Galpin and Sara Jones, Ukraine’s Refugees & Racialised Borders

Jo Laycock, Ukraine: Histories and Boundaries of a Refugee Crisis

Peter Gatrell, Europe, ‘the Dark Continent’, is the Stage for Another Great Migration

War and Displacement in Ukraine, special issue of Europe Asia Studies 72:3 (2020)

Unlikely Refuge, Refugees and Citizens in East-Central Europe in the Twentieth Century

UNHCR Ukraine


Natalie Belsky, A World Disappearing Before Our Eyes…

Oleksiy Radynski, The Case Against the Russian Federation

Ervin Malakaj, Historical Injury and Multidirectional Solidarity in a Time of Crisis

Ileana Nachescu, Ukraine Beyond the Post-Soviet 

Yuliya Komska, A Stained Glass in Ukraine

Markian Dobczansky, A Love Letter to Kharkhiv, As Russian Troops Advance


Literature and Art

Uilleam Blacker, Ukrainian Tales

Alisa Lozhkina, A Suitcase, a Candle, and a Hammer: Ukrainian Artists Face the Russian Invasion

20 Films to Help Understand What’s Happening in Ukraine, chosen by Dovzhenko National Film Centre, Kyiv

Impacts in Eurasia

Giorgi Lomsadze, Tbilisi’s Russians Watch Their Country’s War with Shame and Worry

Victoria Muradyan, Armenia a Safe Haven for Russians and Ukranians

Robert Crews, Muslims are Fighting on Both Sides in Ukraine

Joshua Kucera, War in Ukraine Spills Over into Rising Karabakh Unrest

Reimagining Soviet Georgia Podcast, Interview with Gerard Toal

Rferl Majlis Podcast, Putin, Ukraine and Why There’s Uneasiness in Central Asia

USC Armenian Studies Podcast, Ukraine, Armenia and the War

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